Sunday, January 01, 2017

First Run for 2017! ~~~

Whenever my running seems to be going nowhere, except figuratively down downhill, I can always count on my good friend, Ewen, to come up with something to reignite enthusiasm, and he didn't disappoint again this time!

The low heart rate run/walk training (Allen & Maffetone based) is all well and good and I want to continue with it over the hot summer months ahead except that, with the heart rates I was using,  I was getting into the habit of looking forward to the next walk break all the time, couldn't wait for it to happen!  Consequently, when it came to parkrun on Saturdays, I found I needed those walk breaks right from the start. The brain plays strange tricks!  Disaster!  Slow!  Depressing results!

Here's where Ewen comes to the rescue, answering my panicked message, and making a few changes to get me moving again and with more enthusiasm than I've felt for weeks!  Nothing big, but just enough to break the pattern of walking too soon, too often and, hopefully, getting faster in time.

Here it is :

Take HR up from 98-108bpm to 105-115bpm.  NEW!

Go by time on feet 30 -45 minutes (this is the same as I've been doing)

TUESDAYS ....  do a 2km to 2.5km tempo run (this is NEW, massively important and arouses my eagerness to give it a try!)
                       ..... run in shade, flat course, no warm up necessary except for short jog, couple strides, stretches.   This, over several weeks, should show some interesting results!  It had better!

Saturdays - Parkrun as usual

If needed, 1-2 days off, probably Friday or Sunday best. 

There it is and that's what got me out this morning, January 1st,  to do my first run for 2017!

30 minutes...that was quite long enough after yesterday's Bowral parkrun
AHR 109 bpm; MHR 120 bpm
76% - 83% of max

The only walking this morning was at the start when Garmin spiked HR at 120bpm; other than that it was an easy run on a very humid morning, despite some breeze and I was in shade most of the time.
  Thank you, Ewen, for coming to my rescue once again! I'm really looking forward to keeping on running during 2017!

January 1st, 2017!

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