Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Parkrun Course for a Low HR Run ~~~~

Re-acquainting myself with our Bowral parkrun course before Saturday, having missed the last 2 weeks there.  An unexpected cool morning breeze made a welcome change from the recent hot days and nights!  Started and finished at the bottom of the hill where the grass is 'as high as an elephant's eye', and then finished by storming (I wish!) up the hill to remind myself of what to expect on Saturday! 

Even though conditions were extremely pleasant, I had difficulty breathing; out of breath even with low heart rate so I can't be completely clear of bronchitis yet.  Balderdash to that! 

45 minutes

AHR 106bpm;  MHR 117bpm
74%  -  81% of max.

TE   1.8  Minor!!  What?  After all that effort!

Straight Ahead!

I might take that invitation one day!

Took the Detour from Cycle Path

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