Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Short Tempo Run ~~~~~

A 2.5km ST run is scheduled for each Tuesday; same flat course each week.  Today I still have some bronchitis hanging around and forgot to bring my puffer; there was a hot wind blowing and I struggled to keep up with VP who was set to run at 7:35m/k based on a finish time of 37minutes for 5m .. roughly where I'm at with parkrun right now.

19 minutes

AHR 132 bpm
92% of max.

Avg. Pace 7:40m/k

500m splits:  3:49;  3:32;  3:43;  4:07;  3:50

TE  3.1    IMPROVING!      Amazing!

Inkerman Road/Scarlet Street ST Run


  1. Very good! You're making progress even though you had time off. And not totally over the bronchitis.

  2. Thanks, Ewen! TE was a surprise!