Sunday, January 22, 2017

"The Glass is Refillable" ~~~~

.... half full or half empty!  It doesn't matter!  Thank goodness there's always somewhere to start and this morning I found it after two weeks off with a second bout of bronchitis since the beginning of this year.  Not the best start but.... a start is a start!  The glass is refillable!

A very easy start it was too, keeping heart rate low and between 105 and 115 bpm.  A very pleasant morning with a good breeze even though I was late out as usual!

Low Heart Rate 40 minutes

40 minutes

AHR 107bpm;  MHR 127bpm
74% - 88% of Max.

TE  2.1  =  MAINTAINING!  Phew!  Bit of luck there!

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