Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Starting Some Track Sessions ~~~~

Weather cooler today; still very warm but overcast, some breeze; had shade on Scarlet Street.

10 minute warm-up

6 x 400m in 3:03 (7:38m/k) ....... 

based on recent parkrun time of 40 minutes!  Shame on me and about time I did some serious running to improve that disastrous result from last Saturday! 

Today:    2:34;   2:30;   2:34;   2:32;   2:34;  2:33

400m RI jog/walk between each.

I was happy with this workout.  I wasn't pushing very hard but still stayed ahead of VP!  Enjoyed getting back to some speed work.


  1. That's great - well done. Can't wait for a decent cool change myself. All this hot weather running is stressful.