Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Whoopee! Another "White Day".....!

.......and still ahead of the "Sweeper"!

Program : Easy, low HR Run.... 30-40 minutes. Include some strides.

Very overcast & storm threatening; cool & good weather for a "white" day's training.

Results : 40 minutes. HR at avg. 112bpm; max. 130bpm on hills. 5km. Forgot the strides, but ran fast downhills, so that should do!

I must ask Ewen if I should walk the hills if I'm expected to keep a low heart rate...or maybe it doesn't matter. I'll find out before the next 'white' day.

Well, speak of 'the devil'! An email from Ewen has just come through about today's run, telling me to keep HR below 120bpm & walk the hills if needs be! Who says there's no such thing as ESP?

"A Black Day" tomorrow.......!!!


  1. Hmmm... I like the concept of 'white' days, but 'black' is all wrong. Maybe those days should be RED, because red's the colour of passion, and the hard days are the ones that need a bit of passion mixed in :-)


  2. That is a very wet looking road. I can see why you would need the trail shoes.

  3. Great minds think alike.