Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Good "Black" Training Day.....

...with Mr G-armin, I marked out 150m along this strip where the grass had been cut, probably lane 8 when its all up & 'running'....the watering system was on one side of the oval, so that's a good sign. I ran clockwise to get a bit of a tailwind!

Program : A Hard/Black session at Chev. track, Bowral. No 'Grey" allowed!

The usual warm-up, some drills, strides.

2 Sets of 5 x 150m in 40 seconds.
2:20 between repeats & 5-8 minutes between Sets. Usual warm-down.

Set 1. 43.6; 42.3; 39.4; 38.3; 39.4

Set 2. 39.1; 39.6; 39.5; 38.9; 39.5

Not quite, but nearly, back to where I was : 37 seconds from memory. Anyhoo (as 2P says!), I ran as hard as I could (for an old girl!) and with 'goof' form. Next Thursday, 1500m AIS track, Canberra....2nd last run for the track season.

After that, I feel I'm getting"a call" back to the long stuff!


  1. Nice work there LL. When my times don't come up to expectations I always take comfort in the fact that at least I tried as hard as I could. Can't ask for much more than that!

    Looking forward to having you back doing the long stuff :-)

  2. Thaks for your coments LL - still feeling sore and sorry for myself. However will try running again tomorrow.

    The photo thingy is quite simple - just go to this website and follow the instructions:


    Hopefully might see you next week in sunny Canberra!

  3. Oooo, young things these days - can't stick to one goal... :-)

    Enjoy the long and the short of it :-)


  4. I tink you done goof! Beautiful consistency in that second set.