Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'll Be Seeing You...... what I called back to Virtual Partner, as I hurtled down the street during this morning's Speed Session.

Program : 4 x 500m (on the Time Trial 1500m street course in Bowral). 2:50 minutes for each repeat & walk to the start for recoveries.

I set Vritual Partner for exactly 2:50 & he didn't catch sight of me from start to finish for each of the 4 x 500m! I've been beside myself with excitement for the rest of the day! Of course, he didn't know I had an old nag standing nearby, but all's fair in love & war....and this is war on a grand scale!

Results: 2:41; 2:38; 2:36; 2:31

Ever so pleased with myself!


  1. Congratulazioni LL! Fantastic times. Brava!

  2. Wow, you are becoming dangerous. Great work :)


  3. What a brilliant effort LL. You have every reason to be pleased. You have recorded excellent times there. Watch out for VP though, he can be sneaky.

  4. They're great times for 500m reps LL!!! You know if you came and did a PCRG session you would have a crowd chasing you.