Monday, February 12, 2007

"When It Rains...... always rains pennies from heaven!"

No pennies, but plenty of mud & more rain today made the dirt roads unattractive for running. I went to the gym & used the treadmill.

Program : Long Run - 1 hour 15 minutes.

On the treadmill, 1 hour 15 minutes is excruciating, especially when the batteries in my CD player were flat & I had to listen to the cacophonous, relentless thump of what passes for music!

Results (apart from headache!) : 1 hour 15 minutes low HR Run.....109-120bpm. 9km.


  1. You poor thing LL. If its anything like the music they play at my gym I can feel your pain! You think they'd get the hint when 90% of patrons are walking around with mp3 players listening to them rather than the gym music.

    Nice work on the long run :-)

  2. Nice work LL - you are a much tougher chicky-babe than me (well unless I had surgery and an extremely good wax job I'm not a chicky-babe at all - but I digress) I could never last that long on a treadmill - even with good music.

    Well done ;-)