Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'll Do Anything......

......just about anything to get ahead of Virtual Partner whom I used as competition today during a track session!

Program : Track at Chev. for 2 Sets of 5x150m in 39 seconds.

I used VP only in the 2nd set because I didn't think of it till then! He was set to finish in 39 seconds, so the race was on!

Warm-up 5 laps of lane 8; a few drills, 3 x 100m strides.

Set 1. 38:04; 40.02; 38.69; 39.24; 38.97
Set 2. 38.60; 39.00; 39.67; 37.80; 37.91

Just once did he manage to get ahead of me in the 2nd set & that's OK...keeps him on his toes & there's nothing like a bit of competition to keep me on mine! A Good session!


  1. Good ol'VP LL. I tried to compete against him once but he drove me crazy. Good on you for giving him a good workout.

  2. LL - i'm curious... do you ever train against heartrate or is all your training done with VP for pacing?

    Sounds like a great session to me.

    Take care, K

    ps. will be passing through over the next few weeks... i've heard you make a mean cuppa :)

  3. Is that top pic a hint that you want to have a crack at the W75 400m hurdles record?

    I pity poor VP when he has to race against you.

  4. AK...have e-mailed you. I only use VP for speed sessions, because it gives me someone to race against!

    All other runs, easy, short or long I go by keeping a low Heart Rate.

    Thanks all others for lovely comments & yes, Ewen, I think hurdles would be a good way to go...or die!