Sunday, February 04, 2007

To the End of the Line......


Program : Long Run - building to 2 hours 15 minutes.

Today : 2 hours.

A late start 10:15 a.m. & hot.

walked up the hills.......

...and ran down the other side.

....this little fellow always trots down to the fence for a pat!

I was out for 2 hours & only covered 14 slow is that! I wore trail shoes because my 'good' shoes were getting dirty from the dust & rocks but they felt like lead weights on the way back...walked all of the last 2km.


  1. Great photos LL. Lovely to have you back blogging again. Look forward to seeing you in Canberra and yes I'll keep that Wed dinner free. Gosh, that's Valentine's Day - we might need chocolate!!

  2. It's always a special area where you run LL :-)

  3. Long runs again - you aren't doing Canberra are you? So aside from the zippy short stuff what else is on the agenda>?

  4. The "Zippy short stuff" continues until around Easter, Tess. After that I refocus &....the sky's the limit! Canberra? Not this year.

    And yes, Strewth, we'll definitely need chocolate!

  5. That sign is way too tempting to obey. I can just imagine what special running treasures lie yonder.

  6. But as many wise people keep telling me, it's all about time spent on your feet - no need to worry about the distance or how slowly you shuffle the kms

    It's still 14k more than I managed this weekend!