Saturday, February 10, 2007

Beat the Devil.......

.....I didn't! The bastard won 10 seconds!

Program : 'BLACK'/HARD TRAINING....not 'white' & certainly not 'grey'!

1500m Time Trial in 8:35.....on 1500m street course in Bowral.

This was going to be fairly easy, I thought. I've done 8:24 on the track, but the last 1500m TT on this street course was an excruciatingly slow 9:15.

Today was embarrassing because I was sure that, having Virtual Partner set for 8:35 as per program, I would finish well ahead. But no! He was in front all the way and, though I did make up some time in the last 500m, I didn't feel I had a chance of winning right from the start...some days it just happens like that & I was disappointed in the time. Nevertheless it was still good, hard training!

Result : 8:45

500m splits 2:55; 3:05; 2:45

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