Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Black and White".......

....that's what I've called the new programme : "Black & White".

BLACK sessions are hard...e.g. track, long runs, time trials.

WHITE sessions are very easy....e.g. all other runs.

Program for today : WHITE! Easy low heart rate run 40 - 55 minutes.

Results: Avg. 107 bpm (higher on hills). 53 minutes. 7km.

Lovely cool morning, overcast skies, good breeze & nowhere near the 27 degrees forecast for today. Diamond Fields Road is being resurfaced & this meant I had to stay ahead of 'THE SWEEPER'!


  1. The sweeper looks a bit sinister and would turn my easy run into a fast shuffle with frequent nervous looks over the shoulder.....

  2. Horrie is driving one of those at the Six Foot Track!

  3. Hi LL

    That's a good low HR over that time.I don't reckon I could keep mine that low for 40mins. Especially not if that "sweeper" was looming up behind me.