Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rain, Lovely Rain.....

Nevertheless, I didn't feel like being soaked, so off to the gym for :

Program : 6km

6km Done!

Sunday's Long Run...

....the last of the really long ones before Canberra Marathon.

Program : 32 - 34km

An early start at 7:00am was ideal - heavy mist all over. I'd decided to try for 36km at an easy pace. All went well until the last 6km when "the wheels fell off"! I hadn't expected this because I had kept to a slow even pace all the way. Adding to my concern at this late stage, was the stream of cars speeding on back road instead of using the main road where there would be patrol cars. The speed limit on Old South Road is 80kph, but no one bothers about that! I often had to quickly sidestep onto the dirt & virtually creep around blind corners to avoid an accident. Didn't do anything for relaxation when I was feeling at my worst!

I ran along Old South Road, past the airstrip where Plu made those recent videos when in Mittagong recently. Generally flat but some long inclines in both directions.

3 x 12km loop....6k out & 6 back to the car.
50:47; 51:31.
48:17; 49:58.
50:01; 56:04.....lost the wheels here!

AHR - 72%; MHR = 82%

Distance 36km.
For the week : 62km.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Striding Out.....

Today's Program: Warm-up; few drills.
6 x 100m strides with 100m jog recoveries.

I went to the soccer field as usual. Nice, cool morning & soft grass to run on.

Warm-up : 1.5km followed by some drills.
I did 12 x 100m strides - feeling good - with 100m jog recoveries between each.
1km warm-down.

After such an enormous effort, I sat on the grass & consumed a small container of peaches in juice! YUM..........but without the cream!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whatever Happens, Just Let It Happen...

.....is what I thought before starting this morning's 5km after yesterday's horrible run &, as it happened, I ran my 2nd best 5km for the month of March!

Program : 5km

I began at 8:00a.m - early for me - heavy cloud cover, no sun but stormy weather on the way, just taking it easy & relaxed, forgetting about yesterday. As Ewen reminded me last night :

"Just remember there are good runs and bad runs. No big deal when in full training. The next run will probably be good. As long as you don't get a trend of 3 or 4 bad runs in a row."

Now, isn't that one of the best pieces of advice & he was right! I'd call today's run good because I felt that way - nice & relaxed - not because I set any record shattering time!

My 5k times this month have been (slow, I know!) : 39:20; 34:47; 39;33; 42:00 and today 36:33!

Since I wasn't trying hard at all, I was pleased when I saw the time.
A better day to the rescue!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Should Have Watched Plu's Video...

Much good I got from doing 12km today over the course Plu shows on Diamond Fields Road! I might just as well have watched Plu run it on his video!

Program : 12km

I was tired from the start, let alone the finish! I walked hills that I never walk . I was so disgusted with how I was running/feeling on the return 6km that I turned the Garmin 305 off....I didn't want to know about it! The morning was hot & humid too.

Also, I don't seem to be able to wear the heart rate monitor strap comfortably anymore. I have several unsightly & sore welts on my chest from where the battery section is located in the centre of the strap. I've tried Bodyglide, Sport Shield to no avail, so I'm leaving the monitor strap off for the time being anyhow. I might have to pad the centre with something.

Result : I did 12km, but recorded only the first 6km. Time = 50:55

Not a good day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Repair Job Needed.....

...for the car, but I felt more in need of one after this morning's easy run!

At 8:00a.m. I drove the car to the service station & walked 2km home, had breakfast & set off for an 'easy' 6km which wasn't easy at all. The morning by this time was hot & humid &, by starting from home, I hit a hill long before I was ready for it! I zigzagged my way up instead of trying to go straight ahead...funny sight if anyone had been around to see it! To catch my breath, I stopped a couple of times & watched the cows grazing....very soothing & I could have lain down & happily fallen asleep in the grass beside them!

Program : 6km


Sunday, March 22, 2009



I've no idea if the above links work, but I hope they do because Plu put two runs on U-Tube that he did last week in Mittagong. I think they're brilliant! No chance of bumping into each other though....he was out at sunrise; I most definitely never am!

Program: Longish Run 18m.

I ran the same road that Plu mentions : Old South Road, passing Diamond Fields Road turnoff & Mittagong airstrip in 3 x 6km loops at an easy pace.

Results : 1st 6km in 51:05.
2nd 6km in 49:50.
3rd 6km in 48:12.
...Like I said : an easy pace! 2 hours 24 minutes approx.

Distance for this week = 57.7km

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Like Thursday's 5km run which I forgot to write up, today's run was a nice easy one!

Program : 5km

A few hills along Diamond Fields Road, but I took it easy in view of a long run tomorrow.

Results: 5km in 39:54
Pace = 7:52
AHR = 79%
Laps = 7:31; 8:16; 8:09; 7:21; 8:10

Distance today 5km

Friday, March 20, 2009

Marathon Pace.....

Program : 40 minutes @ marathon pace+

I'm having to read the data straight from the Garmin because Motion Based, for whatever reasons, won't upload the information from this morning's run. I'll check them out later.

Late 11:00a.m. start warm-up walking downhill for 1km to where I wanted to start/finish.

Time 40 minutes.
Distance = 5.74km
Average Pace = 7:02; Maximum Pace = 5:42
AHR = 84%. MHR = 96%....? seems a bit high, but I was running some long inclines!

1km Laps = 7:07; 6:55; 6:51; 7:08; 6:59; 5:17 (741m)

Warm-down 1km uphill to the car!

I was pleased with this run. It wasn't easy running at all, but I had no problems maintaining the pace for 40 minutes, which isn't to say I could have run a marathon at the same pace!

Distance Today (not incl. walking) = 5.74km

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mid-Week Long Run...

Program: 18km (negative split?)

Diamond Fields Road again, but to get 9km out I had to climb through a fence at 6km onto a fire trail that wound mostly uphill & whose surface was dangerously strewn with rocks of all sizes & shapes....and that was the tough part of today's run!

Results: 9km out in 75 minutes. AHR = 68%; MHR = 78%.

9km back in 73 minutes. AHR = 76%; MHR = 90%.

Negative Split : 2 minutes!!

I was really tired today & found the return run tough going, especially the 6km of rocky road. A nap late afternoon seems to have fixed everything!

Distance today = 18km

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Was Surprised....

....surprised that I felt so good for this morning's run! I had a rest day yesterday, but after Sunday's looooong 36km, I was expecting to struggle today. Instead, I felt stronger than I have in quite a while after a long Sunday run. Beautiful morning too, although morning was almost gone by the time I started at 11:30a.m. Pleasant surprise!

Program : 6km

Results : 3km out from the car in 24:29.
3km back in 23:02.
1 minute 27 seconds negative split!

I just knew I was going to make that negative split, racing downhill as I did!

Distance today = 6km

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Longest Run.......

Yesterday, Sunday, I ran my longest run in training for the Canberra Marathon.

Program : 32km

Since I took a rest day on Saturday & didn't do the 3km as per program, I decided to tack it on to the Sunday run, which according to my deliberate miscalculations made 36km! My plan was jog/walk : 5/1 which I did from start to finish. I ran 3 x 12km loops out & back to where I'd parked the car & carried 4 gels & 1 large bottle of water in a carrier around my waist.

All went well for 30km & then I just died a little more with each step for the last 6km, with the last kilometre barely a shuffle/walk uphill to the car....not a pretty sight, but at least the next long run of 30-34km in 2 weeks' time might seem a little more familiar!

I feel recovered today, except for a little stiffness in the quads & wanting to lie in bed this morning for longer than usual!

Distance = 36km
Time on feet = 5 hours+

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Few Strides....

Program: 3km warm-up.
Few light drills
6 x 100m strides...good form, not flat out!
2km warm-down.

I changed things around a bit because it was raining lightly & looking like more to come. I did this session on the grass in Renwick Soccer Field.

1.5km warm-up...light drizzle of rain.
A few drills.
7 x 100m strides....threw in an extra one for fun!
1km warm-down.......raining more heavily.

Short & sweet...just how I like it! MHR = 82%.

Distance today = 3km

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Slow 5km

I didn't feel like running at all today, but after doing the shopping, I decided to get out & do what I had to do :

Program: 5km.

I started from home, ran badly & slowly & walked the last 1km uphill .

5km in 42 minutes.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mid Week Longish Run

Program: 12km...negative split if feeling good!

I was feeling good & got that damned elusive negative split!

Results: 6km out on Diamond Fields Road in 50:19.
6km back....................................... in 49:07.

Lots of hills on the course, but a nice cool morning with dark clouds hanging over the ranges. I felt relaxed & running easily - though slowly - for this 12km. I could have kept on running further.....but I didn't! I don't want to be tired for Sunday's 32km.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

For Some Unknown Reason.....

....the satellite turned off for more than a kilometre during this morning's long run so that, instead of turning back at 5km for the first lap of 10km, I kept going until the distance showed 5k but was, in fact, 6.5k! I only found this out after downloading to Motion Based at home. In this way the long run became 19.4km instead of...

Program : 18km

Results : 19.4 in 2 hours 39 minutes.
5km Laps= 40:31; 41:44; 39:38; & 23:56

The plan had been an easy (2x5k) + (2x4k), but not everything always goes according to plan, especially when running! I had brekkie of 2 slices of toast with honey & banana on top before starting at 7:00a.m. I took 2 Roctane GU gels with me...which fortunately stayed digested, & 2 small Fuel bottles of water.

Perfect overcast, cool morning, looking like rain...but it didn't & hasn't but wish it had! I ran the same course as yesterday, only further. I felt pretty good for the entire run, except for the last few kilometres when I was finding it hard to relax & finish still feeling OK. I was pleased not to have had to run longer today!

Next Sunday 32km!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Happy 5km Run

Program :5km

I decided before leaving at around 11:00a.m, that I was going to make this 5km the fastest I'd tried for in all the Saturday 5kms I've done so far in training for Canberra marathon.

And I did! By almost 4 minutes...actually 3:52!

Out & back 2.5km each way past the air trip where there were lots of light aircraft getting ready for a day's flying...just like me!

The last kilometre & a bit was all uphill, but I forged ahead with great gusto, knees up, arms pumping, & huffed & puffed my way all back to the start!

Results : 5km in 34:47......3:52 faster.

Avg pace = 6:54
AHR = 87%; MHR = 89%.
Laps = 6:26: 6:33; 6:35; 7:08; 7:51


Friday, March 06, 2009

According to McMillan......

...or rather, his calculator, I should be able to finish the Canberra Marathon in 5.5 hours if I keep to a pace of 7:50mpk.

Program : 30 minutes at 'marathon pace'.

So that's how I started, (15 mins. out & the same back to the car) after walking for 1km down hill to start so as I didn't have to run 1km up hill to finish! Shortly after, a car pulled up...lost driver looking for the M5 to Sydney. Stupidly I stopped the Garmin when it was already set at 'Auto Pause'. I thought I pushed the start button again, but apparently not so. On I ran for what seemed like a very long 15 minutes - look at the time - it was standing still!

Guessing it to be over 15 minutes, I turned back & ran for 15 minutes in the opposite direction. This showed I'd run 18 minutes for the first part instead of 15 minutes....pretty good guess, I thought!

Results: 18 minutes @ avg pace 7:33.
15 minutes @ avg pace 7:47.

This was slow, I know! But I reckon better to stay with a pace I hope to hold for 5.5 hours -hopefully less - rather than start out faster & finish painfully slow.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Much Better Longish Run.....

Program : 18km

This run took in Diamond Fields Road & included Buckman's Lane to make 9km from the car & then return the same way.

New experiment for digestive problems : have brekkie of 2 slices of toast & then nothing until running for about 1 to 1.5 hours. At that stage 1 GU & repeat every 15-20 minutes. I'd been thinking of this but before I could try it out, the very same thought was suggested by Ewen last night!

I think it's the way to go for me : not taking any additional calories etc until I feel the need for a 'pick me up'. It went well this morning (even though the gels still unsettle my tummy!); so well that, in spite of the many hills & the horrible wind, I managed a 1 minute negative split...and I haven't seen one of those in quite a while!

Results : 9k out in 1 hour 17 minutes. AHR = 70%; MHR = 81%.
9k back in 1 hour 16 minutes. AHR = 74%; MHR = 84%

On Sunday's long run I'll be trying the 'Roctane GU' which came in today's mail & hope to have better digestive results with that than I'm having with the ordinary GU!

Distance today = 18km.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Better Day.....

After a good rest day yesterday, this morning's 5km was OK. Cool, breezy day - definitely the signs of Autumn showing at last.

Program : 5km

Results : 5km in 39:20
AHR = 82%; MHR = 86%.
Laps = 7:19; 8:25; 8:15; 7:23; 8:00

I chose Diamond Fields Road (hilly dirt road) today as a change from running on bitumen which I've been doing a lot of lately to see how the new shoes felt. There were no problems with the new Mizuno even during Sunday's 30km....one of the few niceties of that particular run!

Distance today = 5km

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Trying Something Different..

Different, as in taking some food to have on a long Sunday run instead of gels.....only moderately successful.

At 6:a.m I started carrying in my CR tritop pockets : 2 small packets of savory biscuits; 2 sandwiches; 1 banana; small pkt of chips & 2 gels for emergency purposes. I was also carrying 4 Fuel bottels for water & sports drink. It was all too much weight to carry especially the 4 bottles in the Fuel Belt.

I ate something every 30 minutes after the first hour : firstly the banana, then 1 pkt biscuits (25g); 1 sandwich & another sandwich a half hour later. I couldn't handle eating on the run comfortably...just not used to it & I think I ate too much...1 sandwich would have been sufficient, so at 27km my stomach suddenly decided to rid itself of all that I'd eaten!

This is the first year I've had such problems on a long run. I always handled gels & sports drink throughout training & the marathon. This year, they don't 'agree' with me!

I'm hearing some news on the Rogane GU Gels so I might find where I can get them online & give them a try. They do seem rather expensive .... but if they work, money well spent I suppose.

Program : 30km

Results : I did loops of 2(2 x 6km) + (2 x 3km)
Time = 4 hours 24 minutes!
5km laps = 43:18; 44:27; 43:53; 41:00; 45:49; 45:4
AHR = 70%; MHR = 81%

Another long run accomplished with great difficulty!