Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Should Have Watched Plu's Video...

Much good I got from doing 12km today over the course Plu shows on Diamond Fields Road! I might just as well have watched Plu run it on his video!

Program : 12km

I was tired from the start, let alone the finish! I walked hills that I never walk . I was so disgusted with how I was running/feeling on the return 6km that I turned the Garmin 305 off....I didn't want to know about it! The morning was hot & humid too.

Also, I don't seem to be able to wear the heart rate monitor strap comfortably anymore. I have several unsightly & sore welts on my chest from where the battery section is located in the centre of the strap. I've tried Bodyglide, Sport Shield to no avail, so I'm leaving the monitor strap off for the time being anyhow. I might have to pad the centre with something.

Result : I did 12km, but recorded only the first 6km. Time = 50:55

Not a good day!


  1. we all have some bad days. Read you blog and
    you are truly a example for women running!!

    greetz martine from the netherlands

  2. Read everyone's blog LL!! EVERYONE is struggling with training at the moment. It is likely because these are our peak weeks..the race is just under a month away. We have been training for over 3 months consistently with lots of long runs, in the heat, etc etc. It is taking its toll and thats why we get excited about the TAPER :) It's coming up so that should help us feel better - though sometimes it can make us feel worse.

    Also don't forget to eat lots of red meat (or alternatives) to get your iron levels up.

    Not long now.