Friday, March 20, 2009

Marathon Pace.....

Program : 40 minutes @ marathon pace+

I'm having to read the data straight from the Garmin because Motion Based, for whatever reasons, won't upload the information from this morning's run. I'll check them out later.

Late 11:00a.m. start warm-up walking downhill for 1km to where I wanted to start/finish.

Time 40 minutes.
Distance = 5.74km
Average Pace = 7:02; Maximum Pace = 5:42
AHR = 84%. MHR = 96%....? seems a bit high, but I was running some long inclines!

1km Laps = 7:07; 6:55; 6:51; 7:08; 6:59; 5:17 (741m)

Warm-down 1km uphill to the car!

I was pleased with this run. It wasn't easy running at all, but I had no problems maintaining the pace for 40 minutes, which isn't to say I could have run a marathon at the same pace!

Distance Today (not incl. walking) = 5.74km


  1. Goof run. Goof mathematics.

    That would give you just under 5 hours for the marathon. Not sure that's possible, but who knows? You're running well!