Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mid-Week Long Run...

Program: 18km (negative split?)

Diamond Fields Road again, but to get 9km out I had to climb through a fence at 6km onto a fire trail that wound mostly uphill & whose surface was dangerously strewn with rocks of all sizes & shapes....and that was the tough part of today's run!

Results: 9km out in 75 minutes. AHR = 68%; MHR = 78%.

9km back in 73 minutes. AHR = 76%; MHR = 90%.

Negative Split : 2 minutes!!

I was really tired today & found the return run tough going, especially the 6km of rocky road. A nap late afternoon seems to have fixed everything!

Distance today = 18km


  1. Snap! I ran 18km today too and my legs were struggling - we must have been running in sympathy with each other!! Well done on the negative split!

  2. Guess what I missed you by two days - I ran it ( Diamond Fields Road) this morning - video coming later.