Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Was Surprised....

....surprised that I felt so good for this morning's run! I had a rest day yesterday, but after Sunday's looooong 36km, I was expecting to struggle today. Instead, I felt stronger than I have in quite a while after a long Sunday run. Beautiful morning too, although morning was almost gone by the time I started at 11:30a.m. Pleasant surprise!

Program : 6km

Results : 3km out from the car in 24:29.
3km back in 23:02.
1 minute 27 seconds negative split!

I just knew I was going to make that negative split, racing downhill as I did!

Distance today = 6km


  1. Strong after 36k. Can only be good for the Marathon next month.

  2. yay - go LL - it bodes well for our very very long run next month!