Sunday, March 08, 2009

For Some Unknown Reason.....

....the satellite turned off for more than a kilometre during this morning's long run so that, instead of turning back at 5km for the first lap of 10km, I kept going until the distance showed 5k but was, in fact, 6.5k! I only found this out after downloading to Motion Based at home. In this way the long run became 19.4km instead of...

Program : 18km

Results : 19.4 in 2 hours 39 minutes.
5km Laps= 40:31; 41:44; 39:38; & 23:56

The plan had been an easy (2x5k) + (2x4k), but not everything always goes according to plan, especially when running! I had brekkie of 2 slices of toast with honey & banana on top before starting at 7:00a.m. I took 2 Roctane GU gels with me...which fortunately stayed digested, & 2 small Fuel bottles of water.

Perfect overcast, cool morning, looking like rain...but it didn't & hasn't but wish it had! I ran the same course as yesterday, only further. I felt pretty good for the entire run, except for the last few kilometres when I was finding it hard to relax & finish still feeling OK. I was pleased not to have had to run longer today!

Next Sunday 32km!


  1. Good run LL - your brekkie is just like mine b4 a long run or race and the Roctane Gu is obviously a success - great news.

  2. Yes! I didn't have to read a detailed FD-like description of your digestion in reverse :)