Friday, March 06, 2009

According to McMillan......

...or rather, his calculator, I should be able to finish the Canberra Marathon in 5.5 hours if I keep to a pace of 7:50mpk.

Program : 30 minutes at 'marathon pace'.

So that's how I started, (15 mins. out & the same back to the car) after walking for 1km down hill to start so as I didn't have to run 1km up hill to finish! Shortly after, a car pulled up...lost driver looking for the M5 to Sydney. Stupidly I stopped the Garmin when it was already set at 'Auto Pause'. I thought I pushed the start button again, but apparently not so. On I ran for what seemed like a very long 15 minutes - look at the time - it was standing still!

Guessing it to be over 15 minutes, I turned back & ran for 15 minutes in the opposite direction. This showed I'd run 18 minutes for the first part instead of 15 minutes....pretty good guess, I thought!

Results: 18 minutes @ avg pace 7:33.
15 minutes @ avg pace 7:47.

This was slow, I know! But I reckon better to stay with a pace I hope to hold for 5.5 hours -hopefully less - rather than start out faster & finish painfully slow.

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