Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Much Better Longish Run.....

Program : 18km

This run took in Diamond Fields Road & included Buckman's Lane to make 9km from the car & then return the same way.

New experiment for digestive problems : have brekkie of 2 slices of toast & then nothing until running for about 1 to 1.5 hours. At that stage 1 GU & repeat every 15-20 minutes. I'd been thinking of this but before I could try it out, the very same thought was suggested by Ewen last night!

I think it's the way to go for me : not taking any additional calories etc until I feel the need for a 'pick me up'. It went well this morning (even though the gels still unsettle my tummy!); so well that, in spite of the many hills & the horrible wind, I managed a 1 minute negative split...and I haven't seen one of those in quite a while!

Results : 9k out in 1 hour 17 minutes. AHR = 70%; MHR = 81%.
9k back in 1 hour 16 minutes. AHR = 74%; MHR = 84%

On Sunday's long run I'll be trying the 'Roctane GU' which came in today's mail & hope to have better digestive results with that than I'm having with the ordinary GU!

Distance today = 18km.


  1. That's what I do - 2 slices of toast but i put banana on top with a wee bit of honey and eat it 1.5-2hrs before I do my long run or a race. I tried the Roctane Gu on Sat and it seemed to work for me. Good luck with Sunday's run. i also take a few jellybeans for a sugar fix!!

  2. Bugger. I couldn't find any spelling mistakes.

  3. There must be a spelling mistake in the post or in one of the coments somewhere surely?

  4. I have tried all sorts of breakfasts in the past but now that my legs are 100% my limiting factor I just eat my normal breakfast on race days, training days, the same as any other day. And don't even worry about how soon before running I eat it. "Lowan" Apricot & Almond muesli, with a banana, dry (no milk or anything milk-like), a cup of black sugarless tea. Normal breakfast.