Friday, March 11, 2016

A Satisfying Training Session ~~~~~~~~ more ways than one!  To begin at the beginning ~~~~~  as I was leaving the school at 10:30 this morning, one of the very disturbed boys was in the soccer field screaming and throwing stones, branches...anything he could find at two teachers who were following at a safe distance.  At one stage he picked up a huge stick and approached the teacher, who stood his ground, as if he was going to run a spear through him.  None of this is terribly unusual but this kid seemed to be in an awful rage and I decided to wait rather than drive past where he was standing on the road.

I don't know the rules about when they're off school property, but the teachers eventually left.  My training session was to do short hill sprints and I intended jogging from school and running uphill on Bong Bong Road which meant passing the boy who was standing at the corner.  I pretended I didn't know anything of the earlier incident and told him I needed someone to pace me for some hill sprints  and would he help me.  He was a bit reluctant in case he got into trouble, (what could be worse than what I'd already witnessed!!) but having told him I'd take the blame if there was any, he agreed to jog with me and we set off! 

Well, we had a fantastic session together!  The kid called every 5 seconds on his watch to make sure I got to the 30 second mark on time; he did some reps at his pace but then slowed down to keep my pace all the way up hill. We did 10 x 30 seconds and I was all in, while he was just puffing! After the session he was OK to come back to class with me while I explained to the principal and other teachers where we'd been, what we'd done, how he'd helped etc.  etc. and we'd arranged to have another session next week.

I  left and was so pleased with the outcome of what had been a very ugly confrontation earlier and probably would have ended with the police being called as happens when things go really bad. We had a lovely big hug, the kid and me and I came home with the feeling it had been the best and most satisfying hill sprint session I'd ever done!  I felt I had to write about it here in my made me feel so good after ...but so sorry for these kids to have such awful problems at such a young age... and what happens to them later in life?  I hope all is not lost!

Warm-up jog from school
10 x 30sec. short hill sprints
Wait around at the top 10-15 sec
Jog down
Repeat 10 times
Jog back to school.

Day 11 Plank 1 minute ...Easy!
A good day by any standards!

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