Thursday, March 10, 2016

Distance Run ~~~~~

I changed Friday's distance run to today because I want an easy session before Saturday's parkrun, so tomorrow I'll do the short hill repeats.  I drove across to my favourite course ...our Bowral Parkrun course starting and finishing at Briars Country Inn.  10:00am before I began and it was hot but there was a slight breeze to help me along.  I ran the parkrun 5km even though the program is based on time, not distance and I was pleased that I didn't stop or slow down at all, just kept the same steady pace from start to finish..... with the help of my Chi app.   Happy with that!

Distance run 20-30 minutes

36:52 min (5k)
Avg. pace 7:25
Avg HR  80-92%
Avg Cadence 174spm
TE  3.4 ....Improving!  WooHoo!  That's what I like to see!

Day 10 Plank 1 minute....Easy!

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