Sunday, March 13, 2016

Disaster Strikes ~~~~~

A hamstring niggle has been bothering me for some time but nothing serious until yesterday at Bowral Parkrun.  Did my usual warm-up, started well down the grassy hill and was ahead of VP; felt good and thought a PB might be a possibility.  Just before the turnaround at 2.5km .....BOOM!  Hamstring gave way just as if there was no leg there at all to stand on and down I went on both knees!  Some wonderful nearby parkrunners stopped, one of whom was a doctor from the practice I go to, got me to my feet and, insisting I was OK inspite of two bloodied knees, I continued to run.

I made my way back, slowly and painfully, to just where the climb up the grassy hill begins and a second BOOM!!  Not a leg to stand on and down I went again on both knees.  This time I knew the hamstring had suffered something really bad and parkrunners stopped, took an arm each and got me back up the hill..... where I was greeted by a round of applause!  But how embarrassed and in pain was I!!

A decision was made for me and without my knowing anything about it :  message sent to the doctor who had finished his run and had left to do surgery at the practice.  And so it came about that I was driven off to the surgery where the doctor saw me immediately and did a magnificent job in bandaging both bloody knees!  I had a script for painkillers and a referral for an ultrasound on the hamstring;  he also arranged for me to see him after ultrasound results next week.

So now I'm fully expecting time off and terribly disapponted!  I loved the new program I'd started 2 weeks ago and was running so well at Parkrun on Saturday before my leg buckled under me...twice!  Nevertheless, how good were the parkrunners who stopped, gave up their run and got me back to the start.  I feel truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of people who I might never have met if it hadn't been for Bowral Parkrun!

Still able to do plank!  1 min. yesterday; 1.5 min. today...Easy!


  1. You were going so well too! Here's hoping the ultrasound results are positive and you're not out of action for too long. Keep going with those planks in the meantime.

    1. Yep! Planks going well.. 1.5 minutes today....easy!

  2. Ouchies! That sounds and looks so painful. I do hope that the doctor can sort out the hammie and that you can run again soon after your poor knees recover. Good luck with the ultrasound. At least you will have great abs with all those planks. Big hugs. xx

  3. Thank you, Ruth! You're such a sweetheart the way you care about others! Took bandages off knees today & they look OK; not that they'd win a beauty contest! Hammie still painful but after ultrasound on Wed. and Doc on Friday I'll know the news...good or not so good! I'm terrible when I can't get out to run..just as well I live on my own and Amy understands and forgives all my moods! xxxx