Friday, March 25, 2016

"I Walk the Line" ~~~~~

My walk this morning ......From home to school and back.  Over the Easter break I've volunteered, as I always do on school holidays, to look after the farm animals which includes letting the chooks out in the morning and putting them back into their shed in the afternoon, so I'm making that my daily walk until school resumes next week.  This afternoon, I'll drive, not walk back to lock the chooks up for the night, feed them and the goats and the fish and give Amy her walk which really means she'll round up the chooks and chase them back into their shed!  I only have to say the word "chooks" and within seconds she's at the garage rearing to go!

60 minutes walk

Very overcast and cool, slight sprinkle.  Walk OK; used metronome at 115spm; glutes on left leg a bit sore.  I start physio next Tuesday and will ask about this.  Icing at home.,...
before plank!

Walk: 60 minutes
Distance  4.27km
AHR 54% - 69%
Avg. Cadence 111spm; Max 174spm

TE  1.2...Minor!  But on the rise!

Day 25, Plank  3.5 minutes! 
 Made it...just!  This is getting really tough and I can't imagine how I'll ever get to 5 minutes!


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