Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~

I walked with the tail runner this morning and did the 5km, including the climb up the grassy hill at the finish, and had no pain whatsoever!  I'm still surprised that, with hamstring torn comletely from the bone, I don't have any pain while walking.  It puzzles me, but not complaining!.  I think I'll be back running sooner than expected; physiotherapist might have more information on that next Tuesday.

Now, how about this and what does it say about our Bowral Parkrunners?  Before the start I was presented with a huge bunch of the most gorgeous flowers!  Just to welcome me back!  Nearly fell over with shock first and then delight!  Where else would this happen?  Damned if I know!

Day 27, Plank ... Rest! But I did another 3.5 minutes to get ready for 4 minutes tomorrow!


  1. Your flowers are stunning Norma. It just goes to show what a special lady you are and how everyone loves you and misses you when you are not there. What a fabulous group of runners in Bowral. Wow!

    1. Yes, Ruth, I had no idea there were so many lovely people in the area until Parkrun started up in Bowral; so many wonderful new friends I'm truly grateful for!

  2. How about your Bowral Parkrunners! Hope the physio trip goes well tomorrow, and also that Amy manages to round up all the chooks this afternoon :)

  3. Amy only has to stand a glare at the chooks and in they go! Will let you know how physio goes.