Thursday, March 03, 2016

Distance Run ~~~~~

Distance Run  :  20 - 30 minutes @ 8:00 - 8:30m/k
Day 3 ... Plank 30 seconds.

I drove across to our Bowral Parkrun course this morning, but by 10:00am when I arrived it was terribly hot....far too hot ... but I love running this course whenever I get the chance ... so pretty and serene beside the river.  Talking of the river .... I'd have given anything to have taken a flying leap into the water on the way back ... I was so hot I had to stand in the shade of trees several times before being on my way again.  I suppose the river could be dangerous.. reeds etc. and no one to come to the rescue is a sobering thought!  Although as kids, we used swim without any fear in the Hawkesbury River whenever we stayed with grandparents in Pitt Town, outside Windsor.

20-30 minutes became 38min.
5km parkrun course incl. that hill!
Avg. pace 7:44m/k
Avg. HR 76-89%
Avg. cadence 171spm ... had app. set for 175
TE 3.0 ....  Improving......woohoo!!

Finished with usual stretches in the shade.

Day 3 Plank 30 sec.    Easy!!

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