Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Walk - Don't Run" ~~~

OK, I didn't run!  Beautifully sunny and warm morning  -  love this Autumn time of year!I walked around Renwick.

Today:  25 min. 2km  TE = Minor!
Injured leg a bit stiff to start but soon got into the swing of things! Interesting seeing all the new houses being built and I played a mind game of which ones I wouldn't like to live in and which ones I would, ruling out all the ones with such steep driveways going up or down to the house!

At home, hammie good, sat on ice pack for 20 minutes and then did plank!!

Day 23, Plank 3.0 minutes!!  I did it and wasn't as hard as yesterday's 2.5min. for some reason, but not easy at all!  Happy I made it!

3.0 minutes!


  1. More potential Parkrunners! I reckon the walking is doing the injury good by circulating blood. And the mind too!

  2. Yes, that's so right, Ewen! For me, if the mind is OK, the body usually is too!