Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Walk That Walk" ~~~~

Very pleased with this morning's walk.  Glorious, sunny day.... who wouldn't be happy to be just out walking?  I'm not a fast walker, in fact I don't like walking at all, more casual walker than speed, so this morning on the way back to the car, I put the metronome app on my phone, set 140spm, but  that was too fast, changed to 135 and kept time with it all the way back, even up the last hill, which is pretty good for someone like me who's not a walker

I parked near the school, walked down Bong Bong Road, along Old South Road as far as the airstrip and then back.  No hammie pain; left glutes felt a bit stiff on the way back.  Beats me how I can walk with one complete hamstring tear, another not quite complete and still not feel any pain when walking!  Sitting down is a different matter!  Ouch!!

56:58 minutes walk

Today's Walk:
56:58 min
Distance 4.77km
AHR 50-63%
Avg cadence 134spm

TE ...1.4   MINOR!  But at least it registered on the scale today!

Day 24, Plank  3 minutes...done!  Last 15 seconds just made it!

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