Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Walking in a Winter Wonderland" ~~~~~

Gosh!  It was freezing as I went walking on my first day out after hamstring injury!  I parked on the other side of Renwick and walked out and back along Scarlet Street where it's quiet and flat;  it's also very shaded so that added to the chill that made me want to break into a jog....but I didn't!  I know Garmin details aren't necessary at this time, but I still like to see them!  Didn't wear HR monitor but will tomorrow so as get all stats.

Scarlet Street Walk

Walk .....31 minutes

No pain at all while walking and same now at home; injured left leg just felt a bit different from the other one...probably stiff from no use over past 2 weeks but no pain at all which is great! So far, so good and tomorow I'll go out again.

Day 22, Plank 2.5 minutes ..... 3 min tomorrow!!

2.5 minutes today ...  Really tough!


  1. So far so good! Very glad you resisted the temptation to break into a jog. Resist! When you eventually get the okay to start jogging, perhaps 100 metres only and build up from there :)

  2. I always take your advice, Ewen, and will be careful.